Welcome To Youtararmy

When China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang buried over 8000 soldiers as part of his now world-famous Terracotta Army, he may well have known that he would provide inspiration for some people in the years ahead. And so, it is quite possible that Qin Shi Huang is part of the inspiration for Youtararmy. Youtararmy is an ambitious and long-term project founded by Julian Crosswell and the author Thomas Newport, that is creating a miniature representative of every human being alive on planet Earth (no mean feat!). Each of these representatives is called a Youtar and they are a real ‘physical’ sculpture of each person as opposed to a digital one, commonly known as an ‘avatar’ (The word Youtar is partly based on the word ‘avatar’). As of 1st January 2024, we have built over 350,000 Youtars and we will be reaching ONE MILLION Youtars soon. Some of the Custom Youtars will be fitted with microchips and we will be announcing more about this development in due course.
Whilst the idea for Youtararmy and the Youtar was first embedded into the internet by the founders many years ago, to secure the provenance of the concept, it was not until the advent of social media platforms such as Tiktok that the concept started to take off with a large following. To find out more about Youtararmy simply follow our socials (TBA). All followers can apply to have a personalised/custom Youtar (simply email us at to request one). Youtararmy is free to follow whether you just want to join us for the journey, or wish to request a custom Youtar. The custom Youtars are entered to win all sorts of prizes and we often make donations to charity (using our own money – we never ask or take donations from any followers). You’ll also see from our socials that we provide regular updates about how many Youtars we have made in total. With over eight billion people now sharing planet Earth, we have plenty of work to do! To find out more about Youtararmy simply follow our socials @youtararmy (TikTok) @youtararmycom (Youtube) and @youtararmy (Instagram).
The majority of the materials used to build the Youtars are from waste products which we collect from everywhere from construction sites to beach-clean ups. it is part of the vision of Youtararmy to make the world a better place as well as helping the less fortunate along the way. We have many great things planned, so we hope you will join us for the journey.
Youtararmy prize win terms and conditions – Youtararmy prizes given to followers are subject to these rules. Cash prizes are only sent out when a value of £100 is reached (unless otherwise specified). Youtararmy reserves the right to hold onto any prizes below this threshold. We reserve the right to send the cash equivalent of gift prizes where necessary. We can only send prize wins to people who have supplied the correct address/location information. For any further queries about our prize draws for followers, please contact us at