The future has always been an exciting and often dangerous place. Julian is prepared to be as spectacularly wrong as anybody else in predicting the future! So here are some of Julian’s predictions and they are referenced with a year date, so you can see just how spectacularly off the mark he really was!

Julian’s Design Prediction – I assembled my Jet Provost table using some reclaimed industrial casings. As we progress rapidly into the future, I wonder about the fate of new technologies. Whilst we may struggle to even get today’s (2023) quantum computers into superposition in order to function properly, the first of these qubit cruncher machines will soon become dinosaurs. Whilst the first ones will most likely become museum pieces, I predict that somewhere along the winding road of our future, someone somewhere will repurpose an outdated quantum computer into a stunning chandelier – they look quite fetching and they most certainly provide a very interesting conversation starter!

Julian’s Future Tech Prediction – Being situated in ‘Britain’s Silicon Valley’ that is the M4 corridor, Julian’s birthplace (the town of Reading), is home to numerous technology companies. It is of great satisfaction that the world’s first expected drone superhighway is being designed in Reading and might soon be launched from the town. Whilst business to business drone flights should prove relatively straight forward, there are obvious challenges to the idea of delivering goods by drone to people’s homes. It comes as no surprise that the early pioneers of drone goods delivery such as Amazon are dropping goods from the sky, rather than landing. This is where Julian predicts that an ancient innovation (that is already a part of millions of homes in Britain and across the world) may play a part. You see, drones are precise things, and positioning a drone over a repurposed fireplace chimney is no problem. Well out of harms way, drones can safely deposit packages down chimneys and direct into people’s homes. All we need is a number of companies that specialise in adapting chimneys to their new purpose and we are away! Julian says to keep a look out for these chimney delivery plans in the near future…… might just happen!!